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jay::yydebug::yyPrintStream Class Reference

Inherits java::io::PrintStream.

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Detailed Description

used to reroute standard and diagnostic output, auto-flushes. All print methods delegate to the write-buffer method; subclass must implement the write and close methods to route the actual output.

Definition at line 9 of file yyPrintStream.java.

Public Member Functions

boolean checkError ()
abstract void close ()
void flush ()
void print (String s)
void print (Object obj)
void print (long l)
void print (int i)
void print (float f)
void print (double d)
void print (char[] s)
void print (char c)
void print (boolean b)
void println (String s)
void println (Object obj)
void println (long l)
void println (int i)
void println (float f)
void println (double d)
void println (char[] s)
void println (char c)
void println (boolean b)
void println ()
abstract void write (int b)
abstract void write (byte[] buf, int off, int len)
 yyPrintStream ()

Static Protected Attributes

static final String nl = System.getProperty("line.separator", "\n")

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