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jay::yydebug::yyDebug Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for jay::yydebug::yyDebug:

jay::yydebug::yyAnim jay::yydebug::yyAnimPanel jay::yydebug::yyDebugAdapter

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Detailed Description

debugging interface for parsers generated by jay. For details consult the skeleton files. The interface expects that the scanner can be queried more then once for a value corresponding to a token.

Definition at line 7 of file yyDebug.java.

Public Member Functions

void accept (Object value)
void discard (int state, int token, String name, Object value)
void error (String message)
void lex (int state, int token, String name, Object value)
void pop (int state)
void reduce (int from, int to, int rule, String text, int len)
void reject ()
void shift (int from, int to)
void shift (int from, int to, int errorFlag)

Package Functions

void push (int state, Object value)

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